LRSJ – COVID-19 and the Rule of Law

Welcome to the COVID-19 and the Rule of Law project of the Law Reform and Social Justice program at the ANU College of Law. COVID-19 and the Rule of Law features five student-lead working groups focused on the sources of the legal responses to the pandemic, the implementation and enforcement of new rules and policies, the ramifications for the criminal justice system, and access to justice during COVID-19 in Australia. This blog features finished and reviewed pieces authored by law students, and links to other online resources and discussions about the challenges posed by COVID-19.

For more information about LRSJ check out https://law.anu.edu.au/about-us/lrsj

Latest from the Blog

Constitutionality of Virtual Parliament in Australia

Kriti Mahajan and Vy Tsan* Following five months without Parliament, suspensions will be further extended due to the recent escalations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sittings were due to return from August 11, however, they have now been cancelled with the Prime Minister writing to the Leader of Opposition requesting cancellation on the basis of medicalContinue reading “Constitutionality of Virtual Parliament in Australia”

Silencing Dissent: The Impact of Banerji on Public Service Debate of COVID-19 Response

Andrew Ray and Arabella Young* Rigorous public debate is generally seen as positive for democracy, allowing individuals to make informed decisions regarding who to vote for, and which policy positions they support. In the case of public servants, however, the 2019 Banerji ruling, along with strict state and federal public service codes of conduct, preventsContinue reading “Silencing Dissent: The Impact of Banerji on Public Service Debate of COVID-19 Response”

The Challenge Posed by Victorian Tower Lockdowns

Dilan Thampapillai, Yasmin Poole and Andrew Ray* Has the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic been shared equally in Australia? Has the response from federal and state governments been in keeping with community attitudes and expectations? The hard lockdown of public housing units in Melbourne would suggest that the impact on ethnic communities and lower socio-economicContinue reading “The Challenge Posed by Victorian Tower Lockdowns”

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